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We offer expert bookkeeping services, always up to date, always done on time with monthly and year round support since 2000.

Precise bookkeeping is a legal requirement for every business.  The secret to properly kept books is the regular maintenance of recording every transaction on both sides of the ledger.

Did you know that it's rare these days to find any CPA firm in Houston TX that will actually do your bookkeeping tasks for you?  We do !  Let us consistently update your bookkeeping monthly, so that you'll reduce paperwork -- travel time -- and fuel.

We come to you, anywhere in the greater Houston, Texas area.


Save headaches and make your business more efficient.  We significantly reduce your paperwork load with expert bookkeeping services.  Contact us now.

Robert J. McLean, CPA offers:

  • Credit Card Statement Reconciliation
  • Pain-Free Bank Statement Reconciliation
  • State and Federal Payroll Tax Reports (Monthly / Quarterly)
  • Profit and Loss Report tracking every income and expense.
  • Balance Sheet Statement tracking every asset, receivable and payable.
  • Monthly consultation to help you understand your financial information.

We know that bookkeeping can be a Herculean task because of the immense amount of time it takes. Your time is precious and so often, record keeping gets piled up as you tend to the many areas of business and life that are screaming for your attention.

An often overlooked benefit of having us take care of your bookkeeping is that tax preparation is infinitely more expeditious.

We'll customize an ideal bookkeeping system for your unique situation and save you many hours, every month. Trusted, experienced tax service is always affordable in Houston bookkeeping services.   Contact us now.

We prepare financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for use by banks, investors, and other third parties.

The affordable CPA accounting firm in Houston, TX. Experienced experts in bookkeeping, payroll, auditing and tax services.


                "You may delay but time will not."  ~~  Benjamin Franklin

"All tax services include advice and consultation at any time."

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Robert J. McLean, CPA

4516 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas 77007
United States of America
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Mail only:

PO Box 7108
             Houston, TX 77248


All tax, bookkeeping and payroll services include expert advice
and consultation at anytime.

"approved by the IRS for electronic filing"

"Trusted tax services are ALWAYS affordable for individuals and small business owners in Houston, Texas for certified public accounting. "

The affordable CPA accounting firm in Houston, TX. Experienced experts in bookkeeping, payroll, auditing and tax services.