The affordable CPA accounting firm in Houston, TX. Experienced experts in bookkeeping, payroll, auditing and tax services.
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We provide strong pillars of support all year with tax reporting solutions for individuals and small business. That means FREEDOM !

Tax Reporting Solution #1 -- Develop and preserve a more secure future with our wide spectrum of services, including year-round bookkeeping help.

We recognize that your business is unique so we carefully explore all its components which is critical in identifying your needs, both large and small.  We know, too, that sometimes needs are immediate -- you can trust us to work with you on those so you can keep focused on your long range needs.

Are you looking for CLEAR answers to accelerate your business?  We provide a bookkeeping system with monthly financial reports that are understandable.  We discover and deliver tailor-made solutions at a price that lets you STAY in control.  We handle the paperwork so you can run your company!

Tax Reporting Solution #2 -- Keep more of your valuable time with our expert payroll service.

One of the smartest, most strategic plans a small business owner can implement is the accounting outsourcing of its payroll.  By keeping employee payment records in strict order, you'll realize greater profits. There are no exceptions. Keeping sloppy records is like playing with matches -- the fire will quickly and certainly rage out of control.  Problems with inconsistent recordkeeping can burn up your time in an instant.  Don't let that happen to your business. Let us keep your payroll records running smoothly so you don't have to worry.

Tax Reporting Solution #3 -- The best time to get tax help is before you need it.  Quickbooks is the answer.

Financial data is available on demand at any time from Quickbooks.  It can give you up-tp-the-minute details of your business like none other.  If you're already using Quickbooks, you're possibly currently taking advantage of the reports your computer can generate.  If not, enlist our help and tax guidance by having us set your books up properly so that you will save countless (and needless!) hours in front of the computer.


"All tax services include advice and consultation at any time."

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Robert J. McLean, CPA

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All tax, bookkeeping and payroll services include expert advice
and consultation at anytime.

"approved by the IRS for electronic filing"

"Trusted tax services are ALWAYS affordable for individuals and small business owners in Houston, Texas for certified public accounting. "

The affordable CPA accounting firm in Houston, TX. Experienced experts in bookkeeping, payroll, auditing and tax services.