The affordable CPA accounting firm in Houston, TX. Experienced experts in bookkeeping, payroll, auditing and tax services.
1-832-741-0765 or 888-646-4456

When it comes to payroll processing, we do all the heavy pulling for you.

If you're frustrated with payroll hassles, you've come to the right place. We can help and you'll breathe a sigh of relief.

Why waste your time with boring payroll tasks when you could be creating additional sales, generating new business, improving products/services and making customers happy?

Every aspect of paying your employees is completely taken care of. Whether you have one employee or hundreds, payroll is done with pinpoint accuracy and "lightning fast" speed.                         

View a quick demo.   

Sample the process.


  • State and federal tax payments are satisfied - no more rushing to the bank.
  • State and federal tax filings are satisfied - no hassles, it's done for you.
  • 1099's and W-2's are a snap – no more trips to the office supply house for costly forms.

Moving your company's payroll to us reaps more hidden benefits: 

  • Your business will be more systemized.  Systems produce predictable results.
  • Process your payroll for a fraction of your present costs.
  • Your employees will be better served and happier.
  • You'll gain more hours and less stress.
  • Plus, great financial and payroll records put you in control.

We make payroll simple.

Are you spending too much for basic payroll services?  Ask about our flat fee starting at only $35.00 per month for up to five employees. Payroll services in Houston TX are affordable with us, reliable with us, simple and time-saving with us, too.

Experienced and trusted tax service is affordable.

Call today and tell us you're ready to get started!  1-832-741-0765 or 888-646-4456.
Be sure to ask us about 
quickbooks payroll options.


 Click here to sample the payroll process.

"All tax services include advice and consultation at any time."

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Robert J. McLean, CPA

4516 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas 77007
United States of America
USA -- North America



Mail only:

PO Box 7108
             Houston, TX 77248


All tax, bookkeeping and payroll services include expert advice
and consultation at anytime.

"approved by the IRS for electronic filing"

"Trusted tax services are ALWAYS affordable for individuals and small business owners in Houston, Texas for certified public accounting. "

The affordable CPA accounting firm in Houston, TX. Experienced experts in bookkeeping, payroll, auditing and tax services.