The affordable CPA accounting firm in Houston, TX. Experienced experts in bookkeeping, payroll, auditing and tax services.
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Attention business owners:

If you're working on plans for expansion or your next marketing campaign but don't have time to do it all, we can be the bookkeeping, payroll and tax reporting arm for all aspects of your business.

Robert J. McLean, Houston CPA uses the quickest and smartest methods to prepare and file all your business taxes.

We can set up and maintain your bookkeeping system so that when tax time comes or in case of an audit, you'll be armed at a moments notice.  You'll have exact financial information when you need it and more importantly, we'll free your mind from the worry of incorrect reporting.

We have one mission and one focus when it comes to your business: Get the job done!

It's easy to get the job done, week in and week out when you and your CPA are in regular communication.  Working with an unseen face through an automated, online tax service or visiting a national chain once a year at tax time is an ineffective way to serve your small business. 

What is effective for your small business is to choose a CPA who is passionate about serving you and the needs of your business.  A strong relationship in the financial area of business with a professional who knows you means strength and smart use of your precious time.

Our clients have told us:

  • we're easy to talk to
  • our fee structure is clear
  • we get things done on time, as promised.

Plus, we're up to date on all the latest tax rulings and changes -- we do this by being committed to actively participating in continuing education for CPA's.  This is vital for you as a business owner and one of the many ways we serve you, our client. 

Call us today and join the ranks of high achieving businesses.  We want to be your first choice for freedom in your smart and profitable business.


"All tax services include advice and consultation at any time."

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Robert J. McLean, CPA

4516 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas 77007
United States of America
USA -- North America



Mail only:

PO Box 7108
             Houston, TX 77248


All tax, bookkeeping and payroll services include expert advice
and consultation at anytime.

"approved by the IRS for electronic filing"

"Trusted tax services are ALWAYS affordable for individuals and small business owners in Houston, Texas for certified public accounting. "

The affordable CPA accounting firm in Houston, TX. Experienced experts in bookkeeping, payroll, auditing and tax services.